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Golf Mission Gift Box

Golf Mission is a great golfing aid which has received plaudits from golf professionals and amateurs alike. Golf Mission is a deceptively simple product that will transform any golfers game in a remarkably short time, shaving digits off a handicap and amazing your fellow players. Of all the golfing games available, this is the one that will actually help your golfing game.

The Golf Mission Gift Box contains 10 weatherproof PVC game cards in a tough GolfMission branded card case. The cards are durable and water-resistant and the branded case made of a tough rubber-feel polyurethane with room enough to carry up to 34 game cards. The game cards can be used over and over and the game plays differently with every course and every day.

The idea is that each golfer will take their game card at the start of the round upon which is written a list of simple challenges. These may include:
  • 2 putt any 5 greens on the round
  • Avoid sand or water during the back 9
  • Hit the fairway on holes 5 and 6
  • Par any 4 holes in a row
But there is usually a twist: most cards include a “rescue” so that for example if you’ve ended up in the bunker the challenge may be “rescued” if you then hole for par. Of course, all the usual competitiveness of golfing buddies can be used as an added bonus.

If the golfer in your life's idea of practice consists solely of smashing 50 balls down the range, give them this truly game-enhancing gift. Golf Mission is proven to work.

Besides being great fun, the Golf Mission gift box adds an extra degree of pressure to a recreational round so that when the next competition comes along, the average player has a much greater level of confidence and mental preparedness, resulting in superior golf performances.

Golfers of any age and ability will benefit from using GolfMission. GolfMission is also a superb side-game for tournaments, corporate events, charity and society days. It's an entertaining side-game for two, three or four players and gives purpose and meaning to a solo practice round, all the time improving your mental approach to the game.

GolfMission is an exciting addition to every round and gives players a simple tool that encourages better golf. It's the golfing game that actually involves golf and is designed to improve your game.

Some Testimonials:

"I liked the cards from a number of perspectives. Firstly it gave me a number of different goals outside of just my score or how I was doing in the match. It also helped focus my mind more when I came to a hole that was one of my specific goals. A third benefit was that even if I was out of the hole or match or competition I still had something to help give pressure. An example was that one task was to have no more than two putts at any par five. I had a disaster on one of them and reached the green in five. Normally the putts would have been meaningless, but my mission still had to be completed and so the three footer to finish it actually meant something."

Kyle Phillpots
Director of Training & Education
PGA of Great Britain

"One of the challenges in golf is to find process goals that can help you focus while playing, in practice or competitively, in order to
maximize your performance. Golf-Mission sets you simple targets during the round that will both increase your enjoyment and lower your score."

Peter Mattsson
Director of Coaching
English Golf Union

"After playing this wonderful game for more than 45 years, I thought I'd played every imaginable variation possible, Golf Mission proved me wrong. It really was a refreshing change, adding a new dimension to a normal friendly game of golf. The endless variations to the tasks keep you totally focused throughout the game. I enjoyed the challenge and feel that
Golf Mission can be played and enjoyed by golfers of any standard. "

Parnell E Reilly
Immediate Past Captain of the PGA

"Golf Mission adds a new dimension to a regular game, keeping holes meaningful even if you've hit two drives out of bounds, and bridging the competitive gap between high and low handicaps. Be warned, though: the competition can get ruthless once missions have been accepted!' "

Dan Nicholl,
Editor in Chief, Golf Punk South Africa

I gave the pack to my partner as a Christmas Present. He has been playing for years but I have only been playing since last April. Since Christmas,we have really enjoyed using the cards to make our rounds more interesting and we have found it really useful to focus our game. Most notably I hit 10 fairways during a round this week and my partner only had 31 putts for his round. I think this is a really positive tool which allows you to forget about the nightmare holes (ignoring the score) and focus on your on course skills. Thanks for a great product!”

Kerrie Rankin

If the game of golf is 90% mental, why do we invest so much money on gadgets, equipment and gizmos that claim to improve the physical side of the game and virtually ignore the one aspect with the greatest impact of all - what goes on between your ears! Now there is a simple, low cost, no pain solution to help you play better golf. GolfMission - award winning, on- and off- games that make golf improvement fun by stretching and challenging you during practice and throughout your round.

Gold Mission represents not only great value but is also a perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Xmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day.

RRP: £24.00
Price: £15.50

Golf Mission Gift Box | a great game-enhancing golf gift
Golf Mission Gift Box | a great game-enhancing golf gift Golf Mission Gift Box | a great game-enhancing golf gift Golf Mission Gift Box | a great game-enhancing golf gift Golf Mission Gift Box | a great game-enhancing golf gift

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